It is me who is so thankful to have worked with such amazing people.  Here is what they have said about working with me:

I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth as a coach over the course of 6 months.  I was originally a bit skeptical about doing our sessions over the phone but quickly found the phone sessions to be both convenient and incredibly beneficial.  Each session consisted of various grounding exercises, meditations and artistic counseling, in addition to a  homework assignment set to be completed by our next call.  After each session I could feel my creative blocks breaking down and a steady increase in my confidence and creative vision.

I always assumed that since I can’t draw that I could never be considered an artist.  Elizabeth helped me dispel this doubt and truly realize and appreciate my inner artist.  I started creating art not only to fulfill my vision but also simply for fun. This freedom has provided me a whole new outlet for dealing with my emotions and the stresses of life. Elizabeth has a unique way of making you feel special, and helping you step into your individual voice.  I am so grateful to have crossed paths with this amazing soul, and would highly recommend her services to anybody looking to grow in general and especially creatively

Social Media Influencer
Chicago, United States

I felt light and joyful after the session. The meditation was amazing. I loved drawing what I saw intuitively even when I don’t consider myself an artist.

Money Alchemist & Reiki Master
Washington, United States

I went into to our call with hopes of opening and gaining clarity. The results were absolutely beyond my expectations. The meditations were so beautiful and your intuition was so wise.

Marketing & Sales
Chicago, United States

Before my session with Elizabeth, I was excited to see what she had in mind for me and not quite sure what would transpire. After the session, I felt completely moved, shifted and able to see a new side of me that I was previously unaware of. Her loving soft approach allowed me to feel safe and protected on journey she walked me through, which was incredible. I will never be the same.

I came into my session with Elizabeth without expectation. I trusted her compassionate demeanor and encouraging essence. During the session I was intrigued by the amount of emotional response that was coming for me. She took me on a journey I didn’t expect but was thrilled to go on. It was a unique session as it was filled with healing, transformation and information. I’m not sure what even call what she does, but I feel confident this world needs it and for those who need inspiration and creative transformation, I highly recommend Elizabeth. I look forward to another session with her in the future.

Intuitive Reader and Coach
Washington, United States

For the 10 days prior to the session I was feeling “out of sorts”, even having a panic attack the morning of the session. I simply felt heavy and as though any small thing could tip me over the edge of anxiety. Immediately after the session I lighter and my head felt more clear. By the following morning (session was in the late afternoon) I felt almost renewed. I felt my sense of purpose was back and my productivity, calmness and clarity were all heightened, in a fantastic way!

Brentwood, Essex, United Kingdom

Before the session, I was nervous but excited. I kept an open mind and felt like Liz prepared me well for the experience. After the session, I felt more clear and connected to myself. I had a general sense of calm and reassurance that everything is going to work out okay. I also felt warmth from head to toe… almost as if energy was releasing.

HR / Recruitment
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Elizabeth’s personalized, guided meditations are a beautiful combination of magic, fun, and peacefulness. She was able to tap right into what I needed in that moment and personalize a meditation that helped me find my center in the most joyful way. Her voice is truly one of the most soothing sounds that I’ve ever experienced. And the way that she was able to intuitively tap into what I was thinking blew my mind throughout the entire session. It’s literally like she was in my head, bringing visions from my mind into the meditation to solidify the experience. I look forward to connecting with her every time and would highly recommend anything she puts out.

Georgia, United States

Before – busy and a bit chaotic after- relaxed, relieved because I struggle with meditation but the going through the door thing really worked for me I will use again! I hadn’t thought my experiences at 6 had affected me at all but will reflect on that now… Interesting as you suggested things I hadn’t thought were an issue. I think it’s difficult to do actual healing in one session but I definitely felt a million times more relaxed and have something to think about.

United Kingdom

Before the session I wasn’t feeling 100% both emotionally and physically and after the session I felt much lighter and much better within myself. I really loved the healing session. The meditations were different to anything I’d ever experienced before and I really liked how they were tailored to me. Elizabeth is clearly very intuitive and gave me some great guidance to help me move forward. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed working with you and hope to do so again in the future to tap into my creative side more.

Business Coach
United Kingdom

Prior to the session I felt anxious and stressed and also flat but afterwards, I felt lighter and way more at ease. My session with Elizabeth was fantastic! Her warmth, intuition and deep compassion created a safe space in which I was quickly able to relax and engage in the healing process which was profound and immensely valuable. She has a remarkable gift. As good as any therapy session I have had!

Sydney, Australia