Release the Energy That No Longer Serves You

A Four Week Online Course

Learn to recognize. Learn to Release.

This online experience is designed to show you how to recognize when you are overloaded with the energy of others, the outside world, or carrying too much of the past into the present moment. We are not supposed to carry the weight of other’s energy and when we do we can experience many unwanted feelings. In this program, we will learn how to recognize this and how to release daily energy, as well as the energy of the past and move past feelings of stuck energy within us.

This self-guided experience comes with

  • A weekly perspective shifting video delivered via email
  • A weekly downloadable meditation which will ground your energy and release varying types of unwanted energy
  • Weekly downloadable Pdf Journal / Creative Assignments designed to help you on your flow of recognizing and releasing stuck energy

Pdf Downloads

Downloadable Meditations

Weekly Videos and Emails

Invest in this program today. Start releasing unwanted energy.

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