Realign with Your Authentic Self

A Four Week Online Course

Reconnect yourself. Rediscover who you came to be.


This online experience will open the door to your authentic self. Along the path, it is easy to become fragmented from ourselves.  Life can pull us in so many different directions it is easy to lose perspective on who we truly are and what joy means to us. Our connection to our inner voice is crucial on our path but too often we put the needs and desires of those around us in front of our own. We can lose touch with our true selves and what joy looks like for us.  We are all deserving of our greatest dream for ourselves,  but without a connection to our inner voice, it is a challenge to know who we are or what that dream looks like.  In this program, we take a look at who YOU are and show you ways to bring more of yourself into your life.

This self-guided experience comes with

  • A weekly perspective shifting video delivered via email
  • A weekly downloadable meditation which will connect you to your whole self and your inner voice
  • Weekly downloadable PDF Journal / Creative Assignments designed to help you discover more of your authentic self

PDF Downloads

Downloadable Meditations

Weekly Videos and Emails

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