Online Classes

Watercolor Poetry

A four week online class designed to awaken your muse and express your creativity.

Class is from October 7, 2018 – until October 28, 2018.

This class is perfect for you if you want to reconnect to your creativity and your inner voice.

  • Move out of the overworked part of your logic mind and into your creative, intuitive mind
  • Step out of your everyday world and step into your inner landscape
  • Connect with your muse

In this four week live, online class we will work with the power of poetry to evoke personal expression. This expression will be translated into art using watercolors.

Basic watercolor lessons are provided.  All classes begin with a grounding meditation. Class is offered once per week.  Choose from Sunday at Noon CST or Sunday at 3:00 PM CST. All levels welcome. Class will be taught via ZOOM and recorded.  Images created during the class will be added to a private online gallery.

Week 1: Introduction to poetry (style and structure) and how it is used to create an evocative picture.  Introduction to basic watercolor techniques and playing with watercolors.

Week 2: Explore  a new poem and use the skills learned from the previous week to connect with it and inspire connections with your inner voice through colors and intuitive painting.

Week 3: Repeat of week 2 with less emphasis on teacher instruction.

Week 4: Trust yourself. Begin with a meditation to move us into a creative space. This week we will create our own poem and a watercolor to honor that poem.

Can’t attend live?  No Problem. All classes will be recorded. I can send them to you. I will pop into the Facebook group to connect with anyone who was unable to attend live.

Materials Provided:

  • Poetry
  • Watercolor Lessons (Basic and Textures) (Sent via video and demonstrated live)
  • Recording of Class
  • Live Class Format
  • Facebook Group

Materials Not Provided:

  • Watercolor paints / brushes
  • Watercolor paper
  • Additional household materials used for textures and effects

You can purchase paint and paper here: (these are suggestions feel free to explore your own options)

Price is $79.00 USD if purchased before September 30th and $97.00 USD if purchased after September 30th.