I am an Artist. I am a Mother. I am a Sensitive Empath. I am an Intuitive. I am a Creative Rebel. I Believe in Your Power to Create Anything.

And you are here. Which means you are ready to create more for yourself. You are ready to tap into your limitless power and I love that.

I am here to remind you that you contain an inner reservoir of power and value. By removing layers of outdated energy and external perspectives we reveal our true, pure essence and rekindle our relationship with ourselves. This is where self-trust is reignited and our power to create anything becomes limitless.

Become the owner of your life.


We are in a time in history where we are literally inundated with more information and requests for our attention than ever before.  But our beautiful bodies have not adapted.  This leaves us in accumulation overwhelm. This means we are uninspired and over tired. We feel ungrounded and overly worried.  We are neglecting our ability to create a better vision for our lives because the world around us is moving so fast we hardly have time to process any of it.

I’m here to help you with that.


My story so Far:


I am a self-taught painter, a self-taught mother and a woman who found that both painting and meditation soothed the savage beasts of anxiety. I took that a step further and developed my own style of meditation. My journey with both of these gifts came from a desire to feel better. I had always been a very sensitive and very empathic person. I was always worried about things and filled with fear. I  just couldn’t live that way.  I never felt grounded, it was as if I was always living in my head.  I did not feel rooted in my own body nor did I feel that I owned my own space in the world around me.


Then I learned something so important that it changed everything for me.


I came to learn later that the feelings of madness I had were actually symptoms of me having absorbed too much of the world around me, too much of other people’s “stuff”. I had held on to too many outdated memories,  disturbing events I had witnessed,  expired relationships, and energy vampires (those are real) who were all camping out in my “space”.  There was no room for me in my own life. Being such a sensitive empath I was a sponge for the world’s “stuff”.  I could walk into a room and feel the energy of the events that had just happened there. Someone who would tell me intimate details of their life and I would feel so sad for days afterwards and not know why? I just accepted it as my own feelings of sadness. It was not. The energy was not my own.


Imagine what a sponge would look if it absorbed continuously but NEVER rinsed.  Times that by decades. That was what my energy had become.


Once I  realized that by removing the energy of others (meditation and the art making process) and connecting with my ability to create a vision (meditation and the power of imagination) for my life – I was back in the power seat of my own life. Honestly, it is the difference between walking down the street on a hot summer’s day with a thousand wool coats on you, and then finally taking them off.  Whoooooooo Hoooooo!  And now I want to share this with you.  I love you and I haven’t even met you, yet.  I see you. I know there is something incredible inside of you wanting you to feel peaceful and free and create the life you have always wanted to.  And I am here to help you.

Through personal guided meditations, energy release exercises and artwork, I encourage, inspire and remind others to walk the road that leads to the fullest expression of themselves.

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Light Your Creative Spark!

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